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Is Self Service the Future of Insurance?

Is Self-Service the Future? Does that Make People Obsolete?

Studies show that the younger someone is, the more likely they are to buy products online without ever interacting with a salesperson. So where does that leave your local Insurance broker? If your broker is Excalibur (and because you’re on the newsletter I’ll assume it is) then to be honest, in a pretty great place!

We’ve been working hard over the last couple of years – insurance is not the easiest thing to turn into a click and go format – and we think we have some really cool self-service options for people who want them. For select lines of insurance we’ve created InstaShield for those who want to tailor coverage and buy online, in a hurry.

We’ve also built the Mobile Dashboard so you have the ability to do the following from our mobile app:

• Access your Digital Pink Slip on mobile.

• Make a claim wherever, whenever.

• Receive Renewal documents directly to your phone.

• 24/7 access to your insurance information.

• View policies on your mobile device.

• Request policy changes.

• Print your own insurance forms.

• Check your claim status.

Now we have a shiny new tool in our tool belt, and you can take care of insurance online. So, where does that leave us, the people who make up Excalibur?

Still here. Still working.

We’re behind the scenes, making sure that the quote you got online actually has the coverage you need. And picking up the phone when you call with an issue, instead of putting you through the frustration of a phone tree. We’re dealing with adjusters to make sure that claims get paid, and insurance companies to make sure we can offer the right products at the best rate for you.

We’re also taking that time and looking into more technological solutions to save you time and frustration on insurance.

So now, you can make changes to your account on Sunday night in your PJs without having to leave the couch, and we have more time to work on the things that matter to you.

That’s a future we’re pretty excited about.